Yoga is a powerful tool for working on the mind-body connection.  It has become a proven method for dealing with chronic injuries and painful conditions.  Therapeutic yoga classes allow Back pain treatment for an individual to safely progress through various yoga techniques while working within your specific limits.  Our small group format allows for one on one care with the added benefits of group exercise.  Therapeutic Yoga combines restorative yoga poses, gentle yoga, breathing techniques, and guided meditation to provide an excellent healing choice for those who need something gentle yet effective for bringing the body into balance and reducing stress.

Therapeutic Yoga can help with:

  • Back pain treatment Etobicoke
  • Neck pain relief Etobicoke
  • Heel pain treatment
  • Headache treatment Etobicoke

These classes may qualify under your extended health benefits, please call the office for more information.


At Etobicoke, Back pain treatment and Neck pain relief can both come with the use of laser therapy. This therapy is the use of laser energy to create therapeutic effects.  Research has shown that laser therapy treatment effects include improved healing time, pain reduction, increased circulation, and decreased swelling & inflammation. Our laser therapy system (class 4) is strong enough to penetrate deep into the body’s tissues to promote deep healing of damaged tissue. Physiotherapy at home is also very helpful for people whose schedule makes getting time much hard.

Heel pain treatment


We strive to provide each patient with the services and treatments unique to their needs. We believe that patients have a right to be involved in their medical treatment and should be able to choose what they believe is best for them, based on conversations with their treating physician. In Etobicoke, we can help you from head to toe, whether you suffer fromHeadaches or Heel pain we have headache treatments and heel pain treatments to help with any condition.  The two most common causes of foot pain are plantar fasciitis and Achilles tendonitis.

At Etobicoke Rehab & Physical Therapy we've got your back! We are here to help you through your injuries and to achieve an optimal level of health.

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